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About Us

The Art of Music Box Gifting

We started MGD in 2018 as a small online store. It was our love for music that inspired us to create customisable music boxes. Unlike other gift items, music boxes possess an enchanting and magical quality. Each melodious note resonates with the soul, reawakening long-lost songs, bringing with it nostalgic, joyous, and sometimes bittersweet memories.

Over the years, we have created over 10,000 customisable gifts and received thousands of 5-star reviews. We often receive messages from customers expressing their gratitude, saying that our music box brought tears to the gift receiver. Our music box could just be the right sentimental gift to take you down memory lane!

We look forward to creating the perfect music box for you and your loved ones.

Warmest regards,

Our Collection

Looking for an exquisite Christmas gift for your loved ones?

Our Christmas Carol Music Box combines the nostalgic charm of Christmas carols with the meticulously crafted wooden music box. It is a delightful keepsake that will definitely bring joy to your loved ones!

May the enchanting melodies of classic Christmas carols fill
their homes with the spirit of the season!

Order yours right away (while stock lasts)! And make this Christmas unforgettable for your loved ones!

Song Library

We have hundreds of songs of different genres: pop, jazz, folk, classical, hymns, western and oriental all-time-favorite tunes, and we are constantly adding to the list of songs. If you cannot find your song here, please contact us, tell us the song you’re looking for and we will get back to you shortly.